We Are WaCK

Oh great, you’re saying. Another libertarian blog. I bet this one will be totally different than all the other Libertarian Blogs! I cannot wait. Well sorry, Lord Sarcastic Cynicism McPantywaist. Why don’t you take your dismissive wanking motion elsewhere. Or you can pack up your expectations and projections and save them for your own blog.

Whiskey and Car Keys is your home for the life lived libertarian. We live, work, and play in the cultural mecca of D.C. and Northern Virginia, where apartments are too expensive and the summer is too hot. We share a common world-view, with varying interests, pursuits, and tastes.

You can expect some policy, some politics, some art, music, humor and original writing. We’re mostly libertarians, we’re mostly friends, and we’re mostly awesome. Enjoy.

Meet Whiskey and Car Keys

Aaron – A time of darkness. A nation in peril. A town, in need of a hero. THIS SUMMER. ONE. WILL. RISE. In a theater near you, Whiskey and Car Keys, starring John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Wilford Brimley, and introducing Aaron, as Aaron. Rated R for brief (Wilford Brimley) nudity.
Annie came to D.C. long ago from a mystical land called Kansas. She traded the rolling waves of grain for the capitol’s rolling waves of tourists and dreams of some day being a world-champion breeder of giant miniature horses. She loves the word “scuttlebutt” and hates the word “labradoodles”. She plans on naming her first born, regardless of gender, “Truffle Shuffle”.

Christina suffers from an identity crisis of having lived in two states before journeying to DC: Texas and Kansas. She prefers to be considered a Texan, unless in certain circumstances it’s more convenient to be from Kansas. And for that matter, wildcats are real animals; Jayhawks are not.

Emily has been in the Baltimore/DC area for six years and has had many chances to sample the region’s restaurants, bars, and entertainment. She now lives in DC but has come to love the Clarendon neighborhood as well. Emily is currently on the job market but hopes to stay in the city to continue exploring its opportunities for fun and intellect. In the meantime, her office is at Wonderland.
Krista enjoys the work of Hemingway and will claim to not have a favorite movie or song. In truth, she thinks The Great Mouse Detective is a work of unadulterated genius. She likes coffee, non-profit organizations, scarves, making people feel bad about not going outside, and other stuff white people like.
Mr. Fantastic is by all accounts your average dude. He’s about, you know, this tall, weighs about the same as everyone else, and enjoys doing stuff that’s reasonably popular. His graduation year is listed as “back in the day”, and he was voted most likely to be most likely. He’ll help you move a couch, if you provide the couch and direction of movement. His parents must have had a real sense of irony. His camera work is fantastic, though.
Mr. McGibblets likes to be tickled. Rub his belly!
PicantePants is a southern-born pepper with an unfortunately small hint of Mexican blood, but that does not prevent her intense appreciation of all foods spicy and black bean dominated. Nothing about Chipotle is terribly authentic to Mexican street food, but who cares when it is that damn good. PicantePants is pleased to bring you along on her journey to sample all D.C. Beltway Chipotles, and don’t be surprised if other D.C. cuisines makes cameo appearances along the way.
Phil Raintree is a retired dishwasher from Maryland. He keeps his fingernails cut short so old bay doesn’t get under them and sting when he takes out his contact lenses.
Prodigal Son – A wanderer of many lands with none to call home; he has lived on two continents and survived two wars… these journeys have driven him to despise all those who seek to control others. He is a merchant on the underground economy, a lover of many women, a collector of all knowledge and he will never apologize for this. His rational nature and uncompromising views have made him many enemies and broken many hearts but to those who fight the good fight he is an ally surpassed by no other, his skills with both the word and the gun will be needed for defenders of liberty.
Seth hails from the Old Dominion.  He likes torte, but loves tort. He’s probably digested three Nozick articles in the time it took you to read this. Not physically digested. Gross. In the future, Seth will run our associated podcast, so look for that.
Tate grew up in Nashville, TN and studied economics at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. He likes reading, writing, PBR, Texas country, southern rock, some bluegrass, and not talking to people.
Rhom was born and raised in the great state of Pennsylvania and has since lived in Maryland and now Virginia, conveniently working his way down the east coast. He spends a healthy portion of his time taking motorcycle joyrides through the country and wondering why his other libertarian blog “Bourbon and Penny Loafers” never gained a strong readership. Maybe because he’s five years old, and thinks bourbon tastes like “yucky.”
Williamnot moved to DC from the great state of redacted. He enjoys a good redacted, provided the redacted is cooked to the perfect temperature before applying to his redacted. While not redacted, he can be found redacted a full three hours before redacted. If he ever meets Aisha Tyler he will redacted all over redacted, and that’s a promise!
Jerome is less an international man of mystery, more a regional man of quizzes. Jerome is our resident Dinosaur on a Bicycle. What, your blog doesn’t have one of those?
Disclaimer – This represents our personal thoughts, opinions, emotions, predilections, perversions, and passions. It bears no imprimatur from our respective employers, no endorsements from anyone or anything (unless otherwise noted), and receives no money in any form, from anywhere. We don’t even agree with each other most of the time. For instance, Thomas loves dogs, while Seth is raising a feline Army-of-the-Night. Also, Phil Raintree’s profile picture is used with permission of rebelpilot.