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The Future Is Now: Beer 2.0 Edition

Julian Simon and Matt Ridley are (or were) the kind of reasonable people who give optimism a good name. But they talk about kinda hifalutin’ stuff. Commodity prices and long-term growth and other such book learnin’. Let’s keep our focus closer to … Continue reading

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Do You Have Good Taste? Tastings at Central

Ashley over at We Love DC has a brief post that’s worth copying in full. Don’t you hate it when a friend holds a wooden spoon out for you and says, “I don’t think this tastes right, will you try … Continue reading

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You Ever Rode On The Metro?

We Love DC comes this morning, bearing great tidings. The auteur behind the Arlington Rap (BROWN FLIP-FLOPS!) is back, with a song about everyone’s (no-one’s) favorite regional transit crapfest. I give you, the Metro Song. Magnific.

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