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What Market’s Aren’t; Why “Business” Doesn’t Mean “Your Business”

Seems we’re building quite a collection of vaguely left-leaning readers named Jason. Welcome, guys. “Different Jason” makes the point that left to it’s own devices, markets created bad things like Collateral Debt Obligations. Outside of the specifics of CDO’s which I … Continue reading

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Liberty Up In Smoke

The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. – Frederic Bastiat As most people are aware there is a proposition on California’s ballot in Novemberto legalize, regulate and tax the use of marijuana for recreational use. Most … Continue reading

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Horrifying video of SWAT team raid

Just yesterday I made the argument that the U.S. is not a totalitarian police state.  Well, this morning, Radley Balko posted a terrifying video.  This is really hard to watch, but I strongly urge you to do so. A SWAT … Continue reading

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