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Security Theater: Mexican Border Edition

Via Boing Boing, two girls take 18 seconds to race to the top of the US Border fence. Which costs $4 million per mile. Homeland Security is a good use of money and personnel!

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No Freedom Grope For Me

Several of us here have bitched and moaned about the new TSA regulations. The new machines, and their ensuing procedures, are crony regulation at it’s worst. I even suggested some ways to degrade and deride the actual agents administering the … Continue reading

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All The World’s A Stage (For Security Theater)

Punte did a nice job writing an early Thanksgiving column. Instead of doing my own, I’ll add just one thing; I’m thankful I don’t have to travel in the Thanksgiving crowd. With long lines, delays, the inevitable screaming children, and … Continue reading

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What Market’s Aren’t; Why “Business” Doesn’t Mean “Your Business”

Seems we’re building quite a collection of vaguely left-leaning readers named Jason. Welcome, guys. “Different Jason” makes the point that left to it’s own devices, markets created bad things like Collateral Debt¬†Obligations. Outside of the specifics of CDO’s which I … Continue reading

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