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Results Matter, Linguistic Edition: Sarcasm and Swearing

We were rambunctious children. We basically lived outdoors, with a hundred acres of woods behind us, like modern Christopher Robins without the schizophrenia. We hurt ourselves, and each other, a lot. I slammed my sister’s fingers in the door. One … Continue reading

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It’s Never Been A Better Time to Be Interested or Interesting; Why Patton Oswalt’s Elitism Is Wrong

Patton Oswalt recently wrote a nostalgic and nerdy call-to-arms. Titled “Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time To Die“, his thesis is that geek culture is at once decadent and mainstream; that the compulsive impulse that drives D&D and comic nerds was … Continue reading

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Results Matter to Willie Mays

Say hey, results matter.

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Focus On Results, Not Justifications

Awhile back I wrote that regulations were necessary evils, and we should regard them with vast skepticism. Consider these two examples: Soda taxes help middle-class people lose only about one pound per year, and don’t help those at the lower … Continue reading

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From the Mouths of Babes – Results Matter

Political Scientist Barry Rubin has a problem: It‘s something of a stretch to compare a soccer game among eleven-year-old boys with the fate of the democratic world, but I’ve always managed to see big issues in small things. My son … Continue reading

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Why Results Matter

From Michael Rizzo: If one took all of the foreign aid that has been given to Zambia since 1960 and invested it in the broad stock and bond market rather than flushing it down the corrupt and bureaucratic foreign aid … Continue reading

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