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Libya, Bombs, and The President

Last night an intern was cynically describing the ways of the world. “Democrats never think it’s time to cut spending,” he said dismissively. Ah, the young libertarian who knows the deep insights into human nature, the cosmos, and the cold analytic … Continue reading

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What Market’s Aren’t; Why “Business” Doesn’t Mean “Your Business”

Seems we’re building quite a collection of vaguely left-leaning readers named Jason. Welcome, guys. “Different Jason” makes the point that left to it’s own devices, markets created bad things like Collateral Debt Obligations. Outside of the specifics of CDO’s which I … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza’s latest idiocy

Dinesh D’Souza had an op-ed in Friday’s Washington post, spouting off utter nonsense about Obama.  I criticize Obama endlessly, but delusional attacks like D’Souza’s detract from good, substantive criticism of what Obama is actually doing wrong.  D’Souza claims, If you … Continue reading

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

For the first time this year I managed to win 2 games, the contenders kept their hot streak going, however, as Attorney Brazil also went 2-1.  The contenders are now 6-3 in three weeks, if you wanna make some money … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart may be catching on…

Recently Jon Stewart (who I find incredibly funny) had a segment that was highly critical of President Obama and his “talk, talk, talk” without any action. While this began as joking about Obama there are some interesting revelations that economists … Continue reading

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Actually {Vanity} Fair and Balanced

This great interview with Penn Jillette–of Penn & Teller fame–sounds pretty familiar to me, being a libertarian surrounded by LoLF’s (lots of liberal friends (I just made that up (no one else likes my acronyms))). Often, in casual conversations, friends … Continue reading

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What?! LoTR, Libertarians and the Daily Show? Yes Please.

Good ‘ol Messieurs Somin, John Stewart and Ian Murray provide some sweet, sweet analogizing about Lord of the Rings and government power here. As Somin states on The Volokh Conspiracy, The necessity of destroying the Ring of Power (as opposed to having … Continue reading

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