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David Brooks World Stupidity Tour: NPR Edition

Are you an American? Are you engaged with the common culture of our country? What do you read? What do you listen too? What do you think about? Because if those answers aren’t The New York Times, NPR, and Whatever … Continue reading

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F*#% YOU “Freedom” Party

I don’t think I’m overstepping my bounds by talking for all of us WaCK bloggers, but F#%} YOU Freedom Party. This morning, I heard a story on NPR about Denmark’s “Freedom Party” who “wants to stop all Muslim immigration into … Continue reading

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Mad Men

An interesting article in the NYT about the effects of long term sleep deprivation, told through the lens of attention seeking radio DJs. A night of missed sleep isn’t going to kill you, even if it feels like it will. But the consequences of going … Continue reading

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