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GDP vs Spending: When is More, Less?

Commenter Tom argues that a chart in my recent post is flawed. Here’s the offender: Tom writes: Graph 2 is super noisy. Without 2008 and 2009 (off years by any measure), that trend line would be closer to verticle, (sic) … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts, or Hikes, Are a Sideshow

This post originally appeared at Neighborhood Effects. Washington State is considering implementing a personal income tax. Much like the federal debate over extending or expiring theBush tax cuts, this debate is a sideshow to the real issue. In our recent Capitol Hill Campus course, Dr. … Continue reading

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Bootleggers and Baptists

Part of the purpose of this little endeavor is to explain what motivates a small group of young(ish) libertarians and fellow travelers to live, work, and play in the lion’s den. Sometimes that means policy, sometimes politics. Other times it’s … Continue reading

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