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Friday Morning Music: First Dance Edition!

This week, FMM celebrates our good friends Alex and Katy getting hitched. To celebrate, here’s some suitable first dance songs! Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose When I mentioned to my sister that this is my intended first dance, … Continue reading

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Church and State and Liberty

Friend-of-the-blog Peter shared an interesting article, penned by Monsignor Charles Pope, discussing David Harsanyi’s article Time For Divorce. Harsanyi argues that the government has no role in the institution of marriage. The Monsignor takes an different approach. Marriage is not … Continue reading

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What’s Liberty For?

Prodigal Son raises an interesting point, but I tend to agree with the commentariat. He’s wrong, but not as wrong as they argue. School me on promises, TJIC: Where libertarian shades into libertine people become very skittish about future self paternalism … Continue reading

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‘Til Death Do You Part…

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my dearest friends. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with friends and family, I had a great time drinking and dancing with old friends. It really was … Continue reading

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