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Rhetoric and the Republicans

Professional twit E.J. Dionne has a piece today which, true to his raison d’être, attacks republicans for using the “rhetoric” of small government. Their passion is not for what government should or shouldn’t do but for “smaller government” as a moral … Continue reading

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What Market’s Aren’t; Why “Business” Doesn’t Mean “Your Business”

Seems we’re building quite a collection of vaguely left-leaning readers named Jason. Welcome, guys. “Different Jason” makes the point that left to it’s own devices, markets created bad things like Collateral Debt Obligations. Outside of the specifics of CDO’s which I … Continue reading

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Size Matters

A Google-brand internet search (don’t dilute your trademark, kids) for the phrase US Superpower brings up about three and a half million hits. Many of these results, including three of the top ten, question the legitimacy of the ‘Superpower’ label. … Continue reading

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Free Markets, International Development, and Drinks!

Fan of international development? Fan of free markets? Just a fan of good drinks and good causes? Than you should join us and our friends at Indego Africa on October 15th for their third annual Ibrori celebration. Indego Africa is … Continue reading

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