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Charlie Sheen Is Baby Town Frolics

When the Charlie Sheen rant broke on Friday, I laughed. Listening to it a second time, it just made me really sad. Not because Two-and-a-Half Farts is off the air (for good? pleasepleasepleaseplease). I love schadenfruede as much as the … Continue reading

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Creativity Is More Than Just Invention or; Everything Is A Remix

When I try to explain liberty to people, I often talk about opportunity, creativity, and innovation. But I don’t really intend to invokeĀ Einstein, or the solitary genius toiling in the basement. Instead, I’m trying to encompass the idea of a … Continue reading

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You’d Better Take A Seat For These Links

If anyone wants to pay off my student loans (thanks law school!), I’ll be much more humble than this guy. [The Daily What] Spiceaholics will love this Siracha Cookbook. You almost drank that candle, Mr.! [Uncrate] In California, police can … Continue reading

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Pixar and Politics

The thinking drinking man’s film critic, Vince Mancini, wrote that Toy Story 3 was the third best movie of the year. I won’t spoil his other top picks, but I wanted to share a brief rant he went on, because … Continue reading

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He’s the Champ. Crown His Ass.

Calling this guy “King of the Nerds” is like calling Charlie Sheen a “mild fan of cocaine“. This guy is to nerds as nerds are to regular, lady-boob-touchin’ people. MY GOD. He … is … magnificent. (Ed. Note: For those … Continue reading

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