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David Brooks World Stupidity Tour: NPR Edition

Are you an American? Are you engaged with the common culture of our country? What do you read? What do you listen too? What do you think about? Because if those answers aren’t The New York Times, NPR, and Whatever … Continue reading

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What Market’s Aren’t; Why “Business” Doesn’t Mean “Your Business”

Seems we’re building quite a collection of vaguely left-leaning readers named Jason. Welcome, guys. “Different Jason” makes the point that left to it’s own devices, markets created bad things like Collateral Debt Obligations. Outside of the specifics of CDO’s which I … Continue reading

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Epic Trolling, New York Media

Writing is hard work. It’s logically rigorous, analytically exacting, and draining both physically and emotionally. Having readers at WaCK is both a privilege and a burden. As our page-views slowly climb, I’m driven more and more to think long and hard about … Continue reading

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