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David Brooks World Stupidity Tour: NPR Edition

Are you an American? Are you engaged with the common culture of our country? What do you read? What do you listen too? What do you think about? Because if those answers aren’t The New York Times, NPR, and Whatever … Continue reading

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Links: Cool Stuff Edition

Introducing eLegs D.I.Y. Foreign Aid Revolution Goodbye Basil, Hello Pumpkin Seeds Lungs Can ‘Taste’ Dangerous Bacteria, Researchers Say I’m Very, Very, Very Sorry … Really? (I think the one thing this article fails to mention is that when men do … Continue reading

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The Sister Wives

I’ve been watching Sister Wives with my roommates every Sunday evening the past few weeks, and instead of solving all of the questions that I had about that lifestyle, it’s opened up even more questions. I’m sure if I did … Continue reading

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Links: Monday Edition

The Best Penny Rant Ever The Condensed Supreme Court Justice’s Guide to the Court So… do you like figs? A Select Number of Countries’ Stereotypes of Other Countries Most Unusual Swimming Pools Facebook Updates for Historic Events (Part II)

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Stereotyping People by Author Favorites

Does your favorite author(s) reveal your stereotype? I have to admit some of my favorite authors here: J.K. Rowling, Leo Tolstoy, Ayn Rand, Jane Austen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Faulkner, and George Orwell. Granted I consider an author a favorite … Continue reading

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A Theory of Liberal Diminished In-Group Loyalty

I have discussed propensity from liberals, both classical and modern, to operate with lesser in-group loyalty than conservatives.  Aside from what might be an overcompensation with out-group loyalty to demonstrate social universality by modern liberals, both modern and classical liberals … Continue reading

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“Resist Honoring the Institution”

In honor of Memorial Day last year, Will Wilkinson posted this scene from The Americanization of Emily.  I’m posting again this year because the message is so important.  I apologize for the break, but watch both clips; the entire scene … Continue reading

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An apology to Xeni Jardin

I owe Xeni Jardin an apology. 

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