Chipotle World (DC) Tour

We thought we knew it all. We thought we could handle it. Every Chipotle inside the Beltway. We were young, hungry, and proud.

We Were So Young ...

It began because PicantePants had a dream. Aaron was in, if the guacamole flowed a green river to obesity. Phil Raintree jumped at the chance to check out dish-washing stations, and maybe sip a margarita or two. We didn’t know. We were so young. We didn’t know.

Join us on this journey, this carnitas-soaked cruise around DC, picking and burritos and wolfing down barbacoa. It’s going to be something special. If we don’t make it through, bury us with pinto beans, cheese, and lettuce, but hold the sour cream.

Bring It On

Prologue – The Great D.C. Beltway Chipotle Challenge

1. Rosslyn – One Down, Nineteen to Go

2. Tenleytown – Bright and Early Burrito

3. Seven Corners – Pho-Potle 3

4. Georgetown – Boutique Burrito

5. Crystal City – Double Header Part I

Aaron’s Interlude – At the Quarter Turn

6. M Street – Double Header Part II

7. Duke Street – Royal Burrito

8. Woodley Park – Zoo-Potle

9. Falls Church – The Birth of a Burrito

10. Dupont Circle – The Proud Burrito

Aaron’s Interlude: Halfway Home?

11. Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase – National Lampoon Burrito

12. Bethesda – Trophy Burrito

13. Columbia Heights – Suddenly Salsa

14. King Street, Alexandria – A Burrito Fit For A King

15. Ballston – A Model Burrito

Aaron’s Interlude – An Interview With

16. Chinatown – Disappointorito

17. College Park – Terpurrito

18. Berwyn Heights – Back-up Burrito

19. Silver Spring – The Burrito Has Sprung

20. Union Station – Burrito Finito

1 Response to Chipotle World (DC) Tour

  1. Jon says:

    Wow – this is fantastic – I love the idea, I think I may have hit up all of these already, but who can ever get enough Chipotle?!? Bravo, friend in foil.

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