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Friday Morning Music: Local Bands!

Every Friday Morning we kick off your weekend with a series of music videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, two local bands that played a great show last weekend, The Method and Lucky Dub! The Rock & Roll … Continue reading

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Failure In Music And Pictures

My examination of ‘failure’ continues over at Rooted In Prosperity. I’d say this is less an examination, and more of a series of impressions; how failure manifests positive results. I’ve spent a lot of time here thinking about failure, and … Continue reading

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Nobody Is In The Metro: Auto-Tuned

In the two-plus years I’ve lived here, I’ve gotten into an empty Metro car exactly twice. Both times I sat down, slouched until I was comfortable, and read a book. Not exactly living the high life, but it was much … Continue reading

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The Morality Of Boardgames and … YOU GUYS LOOK AT THIS DOG!

Salman Rushdie (ed – I think it’s pronounced salmon) wrote that board games have an implicit morality, and Snakes and Ladders has deep lessons for children: All games have morals; and the game of Snakes and Ladders captures, as no other activity … Continue reading

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Video: District

[vimeo] Vimeo user Drew Geraci put together this awesome video of our town. Love it. Drew says: DC is one of the most difficult places to shoot. No tripods, no fancy equipment, only a single camera. After planning my shots … Continue reading

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For the Safety Of The Nation, We Must Equalize Airfare

Not News: Our nations poorest are at risk. Still Not News: Our nations richest enjoy a level of safety and security far out of whack with that afforded to most Americans. News: Because even terrorists respond to prices. When an … Continue reading

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Corgi Flaunts The Rules, Man

What can I say; it’s been a fantastic week for dog videos. Make sure your sound is on.

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“The Anti-War Movement Since Obama Took Office Has Largely Disappeared”

So says Thaddeus Russell, a history professor ideologically somewhere between (or beyond?) far-left and anarchism.’s Ted Balaker asked where the movement went back in January. And this past Saturday, HuffPo writer Harmon Leon looked at the modern anti-war front … Continue reading

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Richard Epstein Does Not Think Highly Of The President

House Republicans rode popular opinion to achieve the first part of their “Repeal and Replace” pledge on Obamacare. Since the quick, contentious vote in January, the elephants have taken several righteous knocks for taking their time for being slow to … Continue reading

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From Georgia To Maine In Five Minutes

No, I’m not talking high speed rail. I’m talking the Appalachian trail. Vimeo user Kevin Gallagher recorded his six month trek from Springer to Katahdin, and it’s beautiful. H/t to Ben Domench

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