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Hitting The Old Dusty Trail

Well this little experiment has turned out very well. As such, we’ve moved on from the free servers, to our own servers, and our own, fancy, .org extension. If you find us through twitter, or a feed reader, you’ll … Continue reading

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Found Film Update: Now With Found Author!

A couple months back, I wrote about an interesting little video about a Brooklynite skiing in the park after a blizzard. He found a roll of film and had it developed, hoping for some clues about the photographer. I thought … Continue reading

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Thank You Internet: Sherlock Basset-Holmes

Dear Internet, I heart you. I heart you more than all things have ever been hearted by all people always, ever. – Aaron

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Bonus St. Pat’s Music

Because I’ve been dancing in my office chair this morning. If I ever leave this world alive!

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Charlie Sheen Is Baby Town Frolics

When the Charlie Sheen rant broke on Friday, I laughed. Listening to it a second time, it just made me really sad. Not because Two-and-a-Half Farts is off the air (for good? pleasepleasepleaseplease). I love schadenfruede as much as the … Continue reading

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“The Black Eyed Peas Hit It Out Of The Park With Stunning Super Bowl Halftime Show.”

America agrees, that sucked. But the folks over at something called “Starpulse” wrote the headline above. They absolutely gush about the performance two nights ago. Put your lips on Fergie’s saggy bottom, you shameless wanna-be publicists: The Black Eyed Peas turned … Continue reading

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Oh Hey, Monday

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Man Caught Building “Vibrator Bomb”

Dan pointed this out. I have … no words. JANUARY 6–A Minnesota man is facing felony charges after police discovered that he had retrofitted a vibrator, turning the sex toy into a homemade explosive device. According to a criminal complaint, … Continue reading

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well Mohican Mike’s gut was equally as unsuccessful as his stats, finishing 1-2 on both accounts.  I think the 50% more picks was a great success, however, and now Mohican Mike and I have some more football talk that should … Continue reading

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My Favorite Christmas Stuff

Carol: O Holy Night Special: A Charlie Brown Christmas Food: Mashed-potatoes (skins on, please) Dessert: My Mom makes these sugar cookies in the shape of Santa’s head. His eyes are chocolate chips, his hat and nose are red sprinkles, and … Continue reading

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