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Foursquare Helps You Pick Restaurants – To Avoid

An NYU Computer Science student found a cool way to use the Foursquare API to track NYC restaurants with multiple health code violations. Blind me with science: If a restaurant scores 28 or more points on its graded inspection, the Health Department … Continue reading

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Tumblr Is Facebook For People Who Understand the Internet

I’ve been experimenting with the Tumblr blogging platform. Click the big picture to check it out. I’ve got some brief observations. Tumblr is Facebook for people who understand the internet. Or Facebook’s wall is Tumblr for dumb-dumbs. I’ve been using … Continue reading

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How is RSS like voting?

If you’re like I am, you read a lot of blogs by RSS, perhaps using Google Reader. There’s a danger in reading blogs by RSS that I’ve been having to deal with for years, not necessarily “information overload,” but rather, … Continue reading

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Be Responsible, Not Authoritarian

In his newest book P.J. O’Rourke writes: Power, freedom, and responsibility are the main features of our politics. We pay with our freedoms to relieve ourselves of our responsibilities, and this is how others get their power over us. Abdicating … Continue reading

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Links: Cool Stuff Edition

Introducing eLegs D.I.Y. Foreign Aid Revolution Goodbye Basil, Hello Pumpkin Seeds Lungs Can ‘Taste’ Dangerous Bacteria, Researchers Say I’m Very, Very, Very Sorry … Really? (I think the one thing this article fails to mention is that when men do … Continue reading

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David McCandless on Context

For those of you suffering from “data overload”, I’ve got good news. The solution isn’t to ignore data, but instead to make data convey more information in context. That’s the focus of one of the better TED Talks I’ve seen. … Continue reading

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Reading and Traveling

Traveling a lot for work the next couple of weeks, but one thing that keeps me going on the road is the awesome Instapaper app. It’s the perfect text-only format for reading the articles, profiles, and book excepts that are … Continue reading

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Links: Monday Edition

Beijing Traffic in Spite of Wide Roads (this is why widening public roads is a short-term solution) The Coolest Spray Bottle for Cleaning Ever Fat Cells Be Gone? The Seabird How to Pack Your Bags

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Technological Advances in Trivia?

On the days that I get the chance to get home before 7pm on the weekdays, my roommates and I enjoy watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! …we are not the only ones of our friends to indulge in this … Continue reading

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The Democracy of Tech?

Yesterday I got all bent out of shape by a stupid piece about the need for government. It’s a need I rarely feel. I don’t understand people’s pining for more government. There’s no golden age of progress, where government boldly … Continue reading

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