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House of … What Is This? Punte? Really? Ok.

THE BOYS (AND AMBER) ARE BACK. After a long, bizarre hiatus, we’re back with another House of Punte. Josh says: Amber reads the news. Jonah Keri discusses his book and where to find the best bagel in Canada. Dan Levy … Continue reading

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Football and Economics: More Packers Less Blood Suckers

My job is to translate economics for a political and policy-oriented audience. But economics is about much more than what something costs. It’s not just an excuse to expand or cut a given program. Economics is critical to understanding why some things … Continue reading

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House of Punte EP. 68 – Stats and Fun

Josh sums up this week’s House of Punte: John Ezekowitz, a stats expert in the employ of the Phoenix Suns. John is also co-president of the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective and a contributor to College Hoops Journal. I ask him how a sophomore … Continue reading

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House of Punte 67: The One With All The Interviews

Episode 67 features so many interviews it is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. In the first half, we have Dallas Tight End Jason Witten and podcaster extraordinaire Dan Levy. The second part gets all saucy with Uproxx writer and Pagenty/Prom maven Mayor Burnsy, and … Continue reading

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The One Where Aaron Probably Had Too Much To Drink

Another House of Punte, y’all. And I gotta admit that while it’s probably technically possible to podcast sober … why? This one features the return of Ryan Walsh and everyone’s favorite ADD-addled half-Asian, Shakey. There’s also me and Amber, and of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Mississippi …

Punte delivers again. Come for college football news and funny photoshops of bear-mascots, stay for penetrating social insight. House Bill 1106, authored by Duvall, would amend the state code, adding a provision that the University of Mississippi “shall bear the … Continue reading

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Senegalese Wrestling Cost Me A Burger

Senegal is a small dusty country on the west coast of Africa. It first appears in history when the Ghana Empire came over the sandy hills on their camels, pulling gold and salt from the earth to ship east. Islam … Continue reading

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Marshawn Lynch Is Good At Football

via KSK. Bonus Vick/Dog jokes.

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well it was a good season.  Assuming a 10% rake, if I bet $100 on each game this year, for a total of $5100 in money wagered, I’d have won about $520 (28 wins x $190 = $5320, 3 ties … Continue reading

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A Ray Lewis T-Shirt For Every Day of the Week

We’ve got the Lion t-shirt of course, one of the tees from RL52 Style, and now courtesy of Baltimore Sun’s Virtual Vensanity, we present the Ray Lewis Old Spice Space Raven T-Shirt: Think that’s good news?  The better news is … Continue reading

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