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Wear Some Golf Shoes, Otherwise We’ll Never Get Out Of These Links Alive.

Whoever said ‘life is short’ never had insomnia.  Two hours of sleep and two cups of coffee means I’m not human yet. ‘Barely alive’ and ‘totally whacked out’ are more accurate. Sorry for the link dump, I’ll have actual content … Continue reading

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Professional 3-D Animation Suite for $10-$40

I don’t know how many aspiring computer animators follow this site, but I love a good deal, and it can’t hurt to spread the good word. From Boing Boing: Mark sez, “The guys at Project:Messiah are doing something interesting. Messiah’s … Continue reading

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Serious Fiscal Policy Writing Alert

I had this long(ish) piece up today at Neighborhood Effects, so expect less of the genital humor and cute animals you’ve come to expect from us today. It’s a relatively bitter critique of a new fiscal responsibility law, to be … Continue reading

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It’s A Good Day For Reading

Snow has basically paralyzed DC again, and closed our office building. That means coffee and blankets and laptops and books, so today sounds like a perfect day for a linkfest! Here’s what I’m reading while the ground is blanketed with the … Continue reading

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You’d Better Take A Seat For These Links

If anyone wants to pay off my student loans (thanks law school!), I’ll be much more humble than this guy. [The Daily What] Spiceaholics will love this Siracha Cookbook. You almost drank that candle, Mr.! [Uncrate] In California, police can … Continue reading

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She Blinded Me with Monday Links

Take More Vitamin D… Wait! Don’t Take the Vitamin D! The biggest kicker is that they’re likely referencing the same report. iPhone adds $1.9 billion to the trade deficit… but wait, not “Made in China”?: “The researchers say traditional ways … Continue reading

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Focus On Results, Not Justifications

Awhile back I wrote that regulations were necessary evils, and we should regard them with vast skepticism. Consider these two examples: Soda taxes help middle-class people lose only about one pound per year, and don’t help those at the lower … Continue reading

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Links For My Bros of All Species*.

This weekend everyone defrosted their fridges, and crocheted Christmas presents for their parents. What? You can TOO crochet an ashtray. So enjoy a Tuesday link dump. Is Batman a State Actor? That’s right, ladies and virgins with law degrees, there’s a … Continue reading

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Monday Links: Viva America Edition

We spent all weekend doing our taxes (‘April’ and ‘December’ sound so alike, simple mistake), and organizing our socks, so here’s a lazy Monday link dump. – Not to get all Phantom of the Opera here, but if I had … Continue reading

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