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David Brooks World Stupidity Tour: NPR Edition

Are you an American? Are you engaged with the common culture of our country? What do you read? What do you listen too? What do you think about? Because if those answers aren’t The New York Times, NPR, and Whatever … Continue reading

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Libya, Bombs, and The President

Last night an intern was cynically describing the ways of the world. “Democrats never think it’s time to cut spending,” he said dismissively. Ah, the young libertarian who knows the deep insights into human nature, the cosmos, and the cold analytic … Continue reading

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2012 Republican Hopefuls: Tweet Of Infinite Sadness

Canada Bill Jones was one of the old west’s great con men. He traveled the young country separating suckers from their money. He was even a little bit of an entrepreneur; when the Union Pacific railway started shutting down three … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Mississippi …

Punte delivers again. Come for college football news and funny photoshops of bear-mascots, stay for penetrating social insight. House Bill 1106, authored by Duvall, would amend the state code, adding a provision that the University of Mississippi “shall bear the … Continue reading

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Political Assassination Map Is Disturbing

Is this a frightening parody? A warning that consequences matter? Something else? What I know is that it’s the cover for the latest issue of The Stranger, the Seattle weekly alternative newspaper, designed by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman. It’s obviously a … Continue reading

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Friday Shadenfruede: The President and The Debt

Tad DeHaven: Back in 2006, then-Senator Barack Obama apparently wasn’t concerned about the “catastrophic economic consequences” when he voted against raising the debt limit. ABC Newsrecalls Obama’s stated reason for his “no” vote: The fact that we are here today to debate … Continue reading

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Rhetoric and the Republicans

Professional twit E.J. Dionne has a piece today which, true to his raison d’être, attacks republicans for using the “rhetoric” of small government. Their passion is not for what government should or shouldn’t do but for “smaller government” as a moral … Continue reading

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Pixar and Politics

The thinking drinking man’s film critic, Vince Mancini, wrote that Toy Story 3 was the third best movie of the year. I won’t spoil his other top picks, but I wanted to share a brief rant he went on, because … Continue reading

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Howard Dean among the Libertarians?

  We’re no strangers to podcasting ’round these parts. So trust me when I say that this week’s episode of Creative Destruction with Cord Blomquist and Rob Montz is the best thing to come out of the midterm elections.   … Continue reading

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Lower your carbon footprint… or else!

Environmentalists have a PR problem. As the reaction to the recent video shows, many in the environmental movement are out of touch with political tact as well as how the average person responds to incentives. I actually think this is … Continue reading

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