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(T)olerated (S)exual (A)ssault

Yep, they’ve gone too far. You could face an $11,000 fine for refusing the body scanner and the enhanced pat-down on the grounds of disrupting the security process. They’ve prompted complaints. Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is now National Opt-Out … Continue reading

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Howard Dean among the Libertarians?

  We’re no strangers to podcasting ’round these parts. So trust me when I say that this week’s episode of Creative Destruction with Cord Blomquist and Rob Montz is the best thing to come out of the midterm elections.   … Continue reading

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Liberty Up In Smoke

The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. – Frederic Bastiat As most people are aware there is a proposition on California’s ballot in Novemberto legalize, regulate and tax the use of marijuana for recreational use. Most … Continue reading

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Run And Tell Links, Homeboy

Because we can’t wax poetic/libertarian about EVERYTHING on the internet. I Studied Abroad In Africa! – White people acting like they care never gets old. Robopanda makes a tea bag joke and references Maslow. Also, GRAVITY GUN IN GTA. Investor’s … Continue reading

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ABC Strikes Again

In the months since my roommate introduced me to Don Pablo’s margarita and sangriarita (just like it sounds–a combo of sangria and margarita) pitchers just down the road from our apartment complex, we’ve been frequenting the spot often during these … Continue reading

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Why don’t conservatives embrace free labor markets?

My friend Sam Shirazi writes, While conservatives constantly claim to stand up for free market principles in the face of government interference, they seem oblivious to the fact that they oppose freedom when it comes to the labor market. They … Continue reading

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Toward a libertarian maturity

Lately I’ve been thinking about the libertarian movement’s diversity.  If it’s even meaningful to discuss a libertarian “movement,” because it’s such a huge tent, I can demarcate different strains of thought, and address some of the shortcomings and strengths of … Continue reading

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Another cop receives a relative slap on the wrist

The trial of former gang member police officer Johannes Mehserle ended yesterday with a verdict of guilty for unintentional manslaughter for the death of Oscar Grant III last year. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Grant was shot … Continue reading

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Cellphone Study Static

San Francisco wants its cell phone retailers to post notices about the level of radio frequency energy, or “cell phone emissions,” to forewarn customers in their stores. The San Francisco Chronicle reports: Cast by backers as a pro-consumer measure, the ordinance … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart may be catching on…

Recently Jon Stewart (who I find incredibly funny) had a segment that was highly critical of President Obama and his “talk, talk, talk” without any action. While this began as joking about Obama there are some interesting revelations that economists … Continue reading

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