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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone

St. Pat drove the snakes out of Ireland, and in his honor, we drive sobriety out of our bodies. Finally, my Irish heritage (guilt, shame, an overwhelming urge to self-destruction) comes in handy. Wear the green, enjoy the sunshine, and … Continue reading

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Thank you, internet, for this. Which I turned into this. Many more after the jump.

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Winter Weather In Pics and Words

One of things I enjoy about DC is how changeable it is. How you can live like a chameleon, and do exactly what you feel you should. In every place I’ve ever lived, there’s been a vague, unspoken pressure, a sense that there … Continue reading

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Monday Links: Viva America Edition

We spent all weekend doing our taxes (‘April’ and ‘December’ sound so alike, simple mistake), and organizing our socks, so here’s a lazy Monday link dump. – Not to get all Phantom of the Opera here, but if I had … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: Goodbye Old Friend

Earlier this week my family’s black lab died. She was ten and a half. For all her life she was squirmy and needy and loving. I would let her sleep on my bed, curled up on the covers against my … Continue reading

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WPC – Red Supplement

Mr. Fantastic was a little late on our deadline, but dammit, his photos are so good, we’re going with a supplemental edition of our Weekly Photo Challenge. I also spaced out and didn’t include my best ‘red’ photo, even though … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – Red!

This week, we turn our lenses to the color of passion, anger, blood, warning, courage, and sex. That’s right, this week it’s red! Andrea found a sexy car and a classic billboard, Sarah reaffirmed her love for San-Fran, and I found … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Water!

Water water everywhere, so let’s all have a drink! As always, click to embiggen. Mystic Aquarium – Andrea

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WPC: Chair

One of the reasons I slacked off the last few weeks is that I’ve been sick. No one likes being sick. You feel like the barest shade of yourself, like the a ghost in your own home. I get home at … Continue reading

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In Which I am a Deadbeat

Sorry I haven’t broken the camera out lately for the weekly photo challenge. I swear by my sweet can that next week we’ll be back on track. To make it up to you, let me introduce you to Parry Gripp. … Continue reading

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