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Luxury Skies – Vintage Flying Boat

Time was, “come fly the friendly skies” didn’t mean wear your best sweatpants and mouthbreath from Cleveland to Sheboygan. It didn’t mean wolfing down a cheeseburger in Phoenix, or paying for a bag of stale party mix. Once, stewardesses were … Continue reading

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I’ll Pay It To Come Back Empty: U Street to Brooklyn Bus Route

Don’t get your keffiyeh in a kerfuffle, but there’s a new bus route between D.C. and Brooklyn. The KnowitExpress (ed. ugggh) will make trips between U Street and Brooklyn four times a week. The fares seem a little steep to me, … Continue reading

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Why ‘Inception’ shouldn’t blow your mind

For those in the marketing business, this summer’s biggest blockbuster Inception was good, but maybe not that groundbreaking. In fact, there’s probably more to learn about marketing in the flick’s 148 minutes than in any Marketing 101 class. Marketing, through … Continue reading

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