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We Can Get It For Your Wholesale: Smarmy TV Wonks

As if we didn’t already have enough noxious, unintended side-effects from the growth of government, now we can add the epidemic of cable news commentators to the list. It seems that Media Matters, that little shop of horrors liberal imagineers, has … Continue reading

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How To Do Cultural Journalism – Anthony Bourdain in Haiti

Have you ever read a gushing review of a travel show? Travel shows are utterly predictable. Host goes somewhere, has an effusive reaction, eats some local food, lingering b-roll of natural beauty, rinse, repeat. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is not … Continue reading

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Rhetoric and the Republicans

Professional twit E.J. Dionne has a piece today which, true to his raison d’être, attacks republicans for using the “rhetoric” of small government. Their passion is not for what government should or shouldn’t do but for “smaller government” as a moral … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson Hates Mike Vick

Radley Balko lays some smackdown on The Daily Caller‘s founder and Bow-tie-in-Chief. When I first read about this clip, I figured Carlson was just being droll. But not only hasn’t he walked the comment below back, but The Daily Caller is … Continue reading

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Good Reads

Spent a lot of time reading recently, thanks to the holiday and airports. Here’s the best articles I plowed through using Instapaper: David Lynch Keeps His Head – The late David Foster Wallace visits a David Lynch set (Lost Highway), … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza’s latest idiocy

Dinesh D’Souza had an op-ed in Friday’s Washington post, spouting off utter nonsense about Obama.  I criticize Obama endlessly, but delusional attacks like D’Souza’s detract from good, substantive criticism of what Obama is actually doing wrong.  D’Souza claims, If you … Continue reading

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Pledge To … Yawn

I didn’t find anything particularly exciting in the Republican “Pledge To America” released yesterday. Slate and Reason did excellent jobs covering the highlights, such as they were. Good Ideas: – Forcing Congress to cite specific constitutional authority for acts. Damon … Continue reading

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The Democracy of Tech?

Yesterday I got all bent out of shape by a stupid piece about the need for government. It’s a need I rarely feel. I don’t understand people’s pining for more government. There’s no golden age of progress, where government boldly … Continue reading

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What 90 Years Of Failure Can Teach Us: (Not) Learning From History

The Huffington Post is a like an oil-drum chock full of stupid, and somewhere inside are some tiny grains of good writing and reporting. Regina Weiss saw a big ocean of dumb and decided “I CAN DO THAT! I CAN … Continue reading

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These Things I Believe

I believe in small government; I believe that people are generally good, albeit ignorant, and that left to their own devices, they will generally evolve toward social norms that bring the greatest good to the greatest number. I believe that everything … Continue reading

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