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How To Do Cultural Journalism – Anthony Bourdain in Haiti

Have you ever read a gushing review of a travel show? Travel shows are utterly predictable. Host goes somewhere, has an effusive reaction, eats some local food, lingering b-roll of natural beauty, rinse, repeat. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is not … Continue reading

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Investing in Africa; Transports, Tariffs, and Aid

When you think “humanitarian ex-presidents”, what charictaristics spring to mind? Southern drawl? Check. Slightly confused expression? Check. Only won the popular vote once? Oh, you best believe check. History’s greatest monster? Noted portly liar Micheal Moore might agree. Oh, you were thinking … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask, DO Tell

I’ve written before about my buddy Alex. He’s a war hero, a freedom fighter, and a Marine. He wrote me with some of his thoughts on the recent Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, and asked to share them with you. … Continue reading

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War As Public Choice? WikiLeaks And Say’s Law.

One of the many problems with our tax code is that lots of Americans pay nothing for all the government services and handouts they receive. If something is free, you naturally want more and more of it. According to our friends … Continue reading

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Free Markets, International Development, and Drinks!

Fan of international development? Fan of free markets? Just a fan of good drinks and good causes? Than you should join us and our friends at Indego Africa on October 15th for their third annual Ibrori celebration. Indego Africa is … Continue reading

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Vancouver Sans Olympics

During the lull that sets over Washington DC upon entering August recess, I took and recently returned from a vacation to Vancouver, BC. I loved visiting even though we mostly stayed in the downtown area (and Stanley Park and Grouse … Continue reading

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Graffiti City

I recently got back from a very spontaneous trip to Chile and Argentina before beginning the life of the working stiff.  While I saw many amazing sights and was lucky enough to be in each country during their final World … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Your Chores

Well, maybe kids won’t directly advantage from this business since the assistant isn’t physically there to help with assigned household tasks, but outsourcing phone calls, research for vacations and subscriptions, and having a personal assistant available for anything that doesn’t need … Continue reading

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A few links on Gaza

I feel that I need to address the recent happenings in the Mediterranean, concerning Israel and the flotilla that was boarded.  It’s a very complicated issue, and if I tried to dissect it myself I fear it would only produce … Continue reading

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Sudanese brew demonstrates rift between north and south

“We could see the huge potential here, but it still took some fairly large gonads to go for it.” Says Ian Alsworth-Elvey, head of White Bull operations in Juba, capital of Southern Sudan. Britain-based brewer giant SABMiller began laying groundwork for the brewery in 2006. White Bull now sells 2.5 million bottles a month. Continue reading

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