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Richard Epstein Does Not Think Highly Of The President

House Republicans rode popular opinion to achieve the first part of their “Repeal and Replace” pledge on Obamacare. Since the quick, contentious vote in January, the elephants have taken several righteous knocks for taking their time for being slow to … Continue reading

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Caught Between California And The Feds: Lynching Charlie Lynch Premires

Charlie Lynch tried to help the people in his community who suffered chronic and terminal illnesses. The people of his state  approved medical marijuana, but the Feds put him in jail anyway. That was 2007.  He was on house arrest, trapped … Continue reading

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Minnesota Ponders “Cheeseburger” Bill

You are what you eat, so why should you blame someone else? That’s the reasoning behind a proposed bill in Minnesota. The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act would prevent consumers from suing food companies for chronic health problems like … Continue reading

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This Is Why We Can’t Have National Healthcare: Triple Nut Shot Edition

Every time I see a high-schooler wearing shorts in January, I think to myself “this is why single-payer healthcare is a dumb idea.” It’s wrong to ask me, in my scarf, hat, gloves, jacket, sweater, shirt, and t-shirt, to subsidize … Continue reading

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The Sister Wives

I’ve been watching Sister Wives with my roommates every Sunday evening the past few weeks, and instead of solving all of the questions that I had about that lifestyle, it’s opened up even more questions. I’m sure if I did … Continue reading

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Liberty Up In Smoke

The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. – Frederic Bastiat As most people are aware there is a proposition on California’s ballot in Novemberto legalize, regulate and tax the use of marijuana for recreational use. Most … Continue reading

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Pledge To … Yawn

I didn’t find anything particularly exciting in the Republican “Pledge To America” released yesterday. Slate and Reason did excellent jobs covering the highlights, such as they were. Good Ideas: – Forcing Congress to cite specific constitutional authority for acts. Damon … Continue reading

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Socialized Medicine Advocates Regain Sense, Stop Claiming Deficit Reduction

Via Politico: Key White House allies are dramatically shifting their attempts to defend health care legislation, abandoning claims that it will reduce costs and deficit and instead stressing a promise to “improve it.” The messaging shift was circulated this afternoon … Continue reading

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