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Free Think Media Is Awesome

Our friends at Free Think Media recently made that awesome video with Paul Ryan, and got a write-up over at Fast Company about the video. Titled “GOP’s Paul Ryan Goes Hollywood to Sell Federal Budget” the article features great nuggets from … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Benefits From Subsidy Enacted By Sarah Palin

Yesterday, our friends at the non-profit Tax Foundation noted that Sarah Palin’s show, the inventively titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, received $1.2 million in subsidies from the state. Mark Robyn opined: The show spent $3.6 million on production in the state, meaning that Alaskan … Continue reading

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We Can Get It For Your Wholesale: Smarmy TV Wonks

As if we didn’t already have enough noxious, unintended side-effects from the growth of government, now we can add the epidemic of cable news commentators to the list. It seems that Media Matters, that little shop of horrors liberal imagineers, has … Continue reading

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For the Safety Of The Nation, We Must Equalize Airfare

Not News: Our nations poorest are at risk. Still Not News: Our nations richest enjoy a level of safety and security far out of whack with that afforded to most Americans. News: Because even terrorists respond to prices. When an … Continue reading

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“The Anti-War Movement Since Obama Took Office Has Largely Disappeared”

So says Thaddeus Russell, a history professor ideologically somewhere between (or beyond?) far-left and anarchism.’s Ted Balaker asked where the movement went back in January. And this past Saturday, HuffPo writer Harmon Leon looked at the modern anti-war front … Continue reading

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David Brooks World Stupidity Tour: NPR Edition

Are you an American? Are you engaged with the common culture of our country? What do you read? What do you listen too? What do you think about? Because if those answers aren’t The New York Times, NPR, and Whatever … Continue reading

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Richard Epstein Does Not Think Highly Of The President

House Republicans rode popular opinion to achieve the first part of their “Repeal and Replace” pledge on Obamacare. Since the quick, contentious vote in January, the elephants have taken several righteous knocks for taking their time for being slow to … Continue reading

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Wither Boing Boing? Or; Even Technocrats Get The Blues

During the recent kerfuffle in Wisconsin, tech/nerd/intelligentsia blog Boing Boing, and in particular Science Editor Maggie Koerth-Baker, have devolved into the worst stereotypes of online ‘journalism’. As a longtime Boing Boing fan, it’s been rough to watch. Her headline for … Continue reading

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“Yes, yes, but the trains ran on time!”

Even if there was strong evidence that benevolent autocrats could routinely produce growth, and even if you could somehow be sure that they would remain benevolent, the price paid for autocracy is much too high. Continue reading

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Caught Between California And The Feds: Lynching Charlie Lynch Premires

Charlie Lynch tried to help the people in his community who suffered chronic and terminal illnesses. The people of his state  approved medical marijuana, but the Feds put him in jail anyway. That was 2007.  He was on house arrest, trapped … Continue reading

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