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There’s Only One Right Way To Make a Martini

As an inveterate gin-lover, I enjoyed LATimes magazine’s nice article tracing the history of the martini from a sweet concoction, to a dry olive-y sipper, to the perversions of the appletini ilk. Let’s make this a three martini lunch: Variations are nothing … Continue reading

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Senegalese Wrestling Cost Me A Burger

Senegal is a small dusty country on the west coast of Africa. It first appears in history when the Ghana Empire came over the sandy hills on their camels, pulling gold and salt from the earth to ship east. Islam … Continue reading

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Do You Have Good Taste? Tastings at Central

Ashley over at We Love DC has a brief post that’s worth copying in full. Don’t you hate it when a friend holds a wooden spoon out for you and says, “I don’t think this tastes right, will you try … Continue reading

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Monday Links: Viva America Edition

We spent all weekend doing our taxes (‘April’ and ‘December’ sound so alike, simple mistake), and organizing our socks, so here’s a lazy Monday link dump. – Not to get all Phantom of the Opera here, but if I had … Continue reading

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Links: It’s Just Another Manic Monday Edition

The Odds of That Classic: Hiding Fail Post-Turkey Day: The Claim: Drink water before a meal to lose weight Yeah. I thought so. We looked at this study in Russ’ class and found their conclusions omitted a subset of individuals (nondrinkers, … Continue reading

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You Can Regulate the Product, but You Can’t Regulate the Stupidity Out of the Individual

    It’s official: they’ve been warned. And now it’s prompted a buying binge. The discussion surrounding Four Loko and products like it has created something of a hyperbole of the product’s potency. A can of Four Loko comparatively only … Continue reading

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Finito Burrito

So we are done. No more weekly dates with destiny in guacamole form, not with any greater meaning to it anyways. This experience really solidified the bond between our three regular diners, through arguments about what night to go and … Continue reading

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Interview: Matt Silverman of Chipotle Fan

For the 3/4 turn post, I interviewed Matt Silverman, who runs what has to be the premire fan-run food website, Chipotle Fan. If you ever need to know anything about Chipotle, or if you are ever interested in calories, he’s … Continue reading

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Links: Cool Stuff Edition

Introducing eLegs D.I.Y. Foreign Aid Revolution Goodbye Basil, Hello Pumpkin Seeds Lungs Can ‘Taste’ Dangerous Bacteria, Researchers Say I’m Very, Very, Very Sorry … Really? (I think the one thing this article fails to mention is that when men do … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing: Soup For You?

Nothing says “take a nap” like a cold rainy fall day. Like Arlington, today. I woke when it was dark, and will return home in the dark. All day long, a chill has crept inside my sweater, has played around … Continue reading

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