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Groupon’s Swearing Off Alcohol (In Some States)

Groupon is getting in trouble with state liquor laws. At least it is with Massachusetts’ Alcohol Beverage Control Board, citing violations of various liquor laws in the state, but mostly regarding discounted drinks. However, Groupon appears to be the only … Continue reading

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Basil Mojito Sounds Springtastic

This year Spring is taking her sweet time getting her act together. There have been one or two nice days when she showed us a little ankle, but mostly it’s been baggy sweaters and no makeup. Metaphorically speaking. But when … Continue reading

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Chipotle Alert: Test Kitchen In NYC

For those that remember our epic trek to every Chipotle inside the beltway, here’s an interesting article on how the NYC Chipotle in Chelsea is home to an awesome secret menu. And the feather in Chipotle’s crown these days is Nate … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone

St. Pat drove the snakes out of Ireland, and in his honor, we drive sobriety out of our bodies. Finally, my Irish heritage (guilt, shame, an overwhelming urge to self-destruction) comes in handy. Wear the green, enjoy the sunshine, and … Continue reading

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How To Do Cultural Journalism – Anthony Bourdain in Haiti

Have you ever read a gushing review of a travel show? Travel shows are utterly predictable. Host goes somewhere, has an effusive reaction, eats some local food, lingering b-roll of natural beauty, rinse, repeat. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is not … Continue reading

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A Pie Worth Fighting For

I really dislike Pennsylvania. The woods aren’t right; they’re too open, scraggly, and too airy. Sure, the hills roll. But there’s nothing on the other side that you’d ever want to see. It’s a weird, insular place. Maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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Minnesota Ponders “Cheeseburger” Bill

You are what you eat, so why should you blame someone else? That’s the reasoning behind a proposed bill in Minnesota. The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act would prevent consumers from suing food companies for chronic health problems like … Continue reading

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Angry Bird Cake Is Edible Fun

The iPad/iPhone game Angry Birds is an international sensation. And here’s a sensational international dad making an elaborate cake for his son. Get those pigs! Well done, fella.

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Foursquare Helps You Pick Restaurants – To Avoid

An NYU Computer Science student found a cool way to use the Foursquare API to track NYC restaurants with multiple health code violations. Blind me with science: If a restaurant scores 28 or more points on its graded inspection, the Health Department … Continue reading

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The Future Is Now: Beer 2.0 Edition

Julian Simon and Matt Ridley are (or were) the kind of reasonable people who give optimism a good name. But they talk about kinda hifalutin’ stuff. Commodity prices and long-term growth and other such book learnin’. Let’s keep our focus closer to … Continue reading

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