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Best Drunk Dial Ever

To the girl who left this voicemail, congratulations. I loved it. That’s L, as in …. shoot!

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“The Market Price For Sex Is Currently Very Low”

That’s a line from this Slate article on the ‘loser boyfriend epidemic‘. Earlier this year, introducing the Free Market Feminism blog, I admitted that I don’t think much often about women’s issues. But lately, I’ve been noodling around a lot … Continue reading

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Cool Video: Language As A Window Into Human Nature

Steven Pinker gets the RSA Animate treatment, and Harry Met Sally gets a reference.

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AFF Event: Dive In or Steer Clear?

I hate when people call the DC Policy World “the movement”. There’s too much infighting, no one ever always agrees with anyone else, and we spend time fighting each other that could be better spent challenging big-government republicans, or big-everything … Continue reading

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Links: Cool Stuff Edition

Introducing eLegs D.I.Y. Foreign Aid Revolution Goodbye Basil, Hello Pumpkin Seeds Lungs Can ‘Taste’ Dangerous Bacteria, Researchers Say I’m Very, Very, Very Sorry … Really? (I think the one thing this article fails to mention is that when men do … Continue reading

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The Sister Wives

I’ve been watching Sister Wives with my roommates every Sunday evening the past few weeks, and instead of solving all of the questions that I had about that lifestyle, it’s opened up even more questions. I’m sure if I did … Continue reading

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A Different Take On School “Choice”

From Dan Savage’s Savage Love column: CONGRATS: Two years ago, an openly gay student at Hudson High School in upstate New York ran for prom queen. He won—but school officials “denied him the crown.” This year, two openly gay students—best … Continue reading

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What’s Liberty For?

Prodigal Son raises an interesting point, but I tend to agree with the commentariat. He’s wrong, but not as wrong as they argue. School me on promises, TJIC: Where libertarian shades into libertine people become very skittish about future self paternalism … Continue reading

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Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Lazy

Unfortunately, Courtney Love opened her big stupid screech-hole recently, and said something about why she’s so *gag* good in bed. “I’m better because I was never pretty . . . Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up … Continue reading

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New DC Hot Spots

I perpetually find myself at a loss for places to eat and drink in DC, and in general I am in a quandary over where to spend my student salary.  As such, I am looking forward to two new restaurants … Continue reading

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