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Boob Tube

One of the DC think tanks amuses me with a recurring theme. An employee will ask another, in all seriousness: “Did you see/read [pop culture reference]? There’s some serious libertarian subtext there!” Then a ten minute conversation comparing Iron Man 2 … Continue reading

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Infographics 101

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Hipsters Are Evil

Hipsters are shallow, narcissistic scum. But hey, they look cool. Continue reading

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An apology to Xeni Jardin

I owe Xeni Jardin an apology. 

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Movie Review: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

If you’re anything like me, you may find discovering new music and movies a bit intimidating. To ease the risk factor, I’ll share my thoughts on new movies I watch so you know what you’re getting into beforehand.  The goal … Continue reading

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Bored on a Sunday Night?

So, first of all, how do you get this job?!  I want to find random stuff to cut in half with a badass sword–in slow-mo, mind you–all day long, and get paid for it. Second, what can’t this sword cut?! … Continue reading

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Baltimore Loving

This weekend my most authentic hipster friend came down from NYC to see Beach House in Baltimore. Very fun band — Wikipedia describes their sound as “dream pop.” The venue, 2640 Space in Charles Village, was super cool, and I … Continue reading

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In Defense of Modern Art

Every time I look at Modern Art in a museum, I hear people whisper their disapproval. Appalled at the work’s simplicity, they claim that they could have made it in 2th grade in 2 minutes. Maybe that’s true. However, mockery of Modern Art springs from a misunderstanding of value and what deems a work “museum-worthy”. Continue reading

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Once a Comic Geek, Always a Comic Geek

Since I laid claim to the movie beat this morning, I wanted to point to Ross Douthat’s post this afternoon on Iron Man 2 and his approving link to Matt Zoller Seitz’s longer jeremiad against superhero movies at Salon. I … Continue reading

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If You Make God Bleed…

I am appointing myself the WaCK movie reviewer, mainly because I have had a lot of thoughts about Iron Man 2 floating around my head since I saw it Friday. If you haven’t seen it, skip this post as there … Continue reading

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