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From Georgia To Maine In Five Minutes

No, I’m not talking high speed rail. I’m talking the Appalachian trail. Vimeo user Kevin Gallagher recorded his six month trek from Springer to Katahdin, and it’s beautiful. H/t to Ben Domench

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Creativity Is More Than Just Invention or; Everything Is A Remix

When I try to explain liberty to people, I often talk about opportunity, creativity, and innovation. But I don’t really intend to invoke Einstein, or the solitary genius toiling in the basement. Instead, I’m trying to encompass the idea of a … Continue reading

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Luxury Skies – Vintage Flying Boat

Time was, “come fly the friendly skies” didn’t mean wear your best sweatpants and mouthbreath from Cleveland to Sheboygan. It didn’t mean wolfing down a cheeseburger in Phoenix, or paying for a bag of stale party mix. Once, stewardesses were … Continue reading

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Found Film and a Kitty: Hipsterific Wednesday

First impressions I will judge you for: Flannel. Unwashed hair/beard. Living in Brooklyn. Wearing a kafiya (except in the middle east). And yet, I’m fascinated by this video, where a man skiing through Prospect Park in Brooklyn finds a film … Continue reading

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Political Assassination Map Is Disturbing

Is this a frightening parody? A warning that consequences matter? Something else? What I know is that it’s the cover for the latest issue of The Stranger, the Seattle weekly alternative newspaper, designed by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman. It’s obviously a … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing: Soup For You?

Nothing says “take a nap” like a cold rainy fall day. Like Arlington, today. I woke when it was dark, and will return home in the dark. All day long, a chill has crept inside my sweater, has played around … Continue reading

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Links: Monday Edition

Beijing Traffic in Spite of Wide Roads (this is why widening public roads is a short-term solution) The Coolest Spray Bottle for Cleaning Ever Fat Cells Be Gone? The Seabird How to Pack Your Bags

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Stereotyping People by Author Favorites

Does your favorite author(s) reveal your stereotype? I have to admit some of my favorite authors here: J.K. Rowling, Leo Tolstoy, Ayn Rand, Jane Austen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Faulkner, and George Orwell. Granted I consider an author a favorite … Continue reading

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The libertarian imagination

With the filming of Atlas Shrugged finally underway, a lot of libertarians are pretty excited to see their favorite heroes come to life on the big screen.   Many people learned to value individualism and liberty through Rand’s books, and … Continue reading

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Talk Amongst Yourselves!

A question for the commentariat: What’s your favorite work of art with strong political overtones (and explain what they are for those of us who may not have seen/read/heard the piece). I have two, and I’m betting the first is … Continue reading

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