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Brazil Will Win the 2014 World Cup

Get your Neymar jerseys now. This kid will be the star of the Olympics, and will win the World Cup for Brazil in 2014. He’s going to win the Golden Boot and will be vaulted to legendary status. Last night’s … Continue reading

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Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

A conversation with Mr. McGibblets or Aziz Ansari’s stand up DVD? There’s two reasons I didn’t pimp Aziz Ansari’s Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening when it first came out.  Because I haven’t had the time to watch it until … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: Check the Technique, 311 in DC

Every week we kick off your Friday with a few music videos, loosely grouped around a theme. This week, Friday Morning Music is inspired Mr. McGibblets’ obsession for 311 and the concert he’s going to tonight. Hey, that’s me! For … Continue reading

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The Brief Case against the Carbon Tax

Last week, reader Alex asked, “Would libertarians approve of a carbon tax if it was accompanied with an abolition or 50 year suspension of the federal income tax?” Putting the political infeasibility of this aside, my answer is no for … Continue reading

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The American Revolution: He did It for Energy Independence

One of the most infuriating policy debates revolves around the notion of energy independence. Democrats want it because oil is polluting our planet. Republicans want it because Middle Eastern oil is dangerous. President Obama mentioned it in his first Oval … Continue reading

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Going Back to Cali

I’ve been to California two times in both instances I haven’t set foot outside the airport.  I was whale watching in Maui for a month – not a bad way to earn your lab science credit.  Ahhh college.    My questions … Continue reading

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Parks and Libertarians

I don’t regularly watch Parks and Recreation but so far I’ve liked what I’ve seen. I skeptically thought another mockumentary style show wouldn’t be as good as The Office and I go back and forth on Amy Poehler, who plays … Continue reading

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Best Commercial Ever Made?

(h/t Consumerist)

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One Step Closer: Strasburg to the Bigs (Not the Linkin Park Song)

Soon the attendance at the Washington Nationals ballpark and my grandfather’s junk will have something in common. It goes up every five days. Just kidding, my grandfather’s dead. But I’m not kidding about the 21-year-old phenom moving closer to what … Continue reading

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