Friday Morning Music: Local Bands!

Every Friday Morning we kick off your weekend with a series of music videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, two local bands that played a great show last weekend, The Method and Lucky Dub!

The Rock & Roll Hotel sits way down towards the end of the H Street corridor. H Street is one of the new up-and-coming areas of DC; a long strip of bars and clubs in a relatively dingy neighborhood. There’s a few great restaurants, like Taylor Gourmet, but also a few guys standing on street corners, slinging dope in broad daylight. It’s an interesting experiment. And the Rock and Roll Hotel is perched at one end, where the strip wanders off into a neighborhood and a gas station, and a long straight shot towards the Capitol.

So that’s where I was last Saturday, to see a friend’s band, and celebrate my birthday with good friends. The headliner was a local band, releasing their first CD. Lucky Dub filled the room with a loud and joyous reggae-funk-ska feel. They filled the stage too; at times there were fourteen people making a glorious chorus, and a mess. Their website describes themselves like this:

As band frontman Gordon Daniels puts it, “Our music is a reflection of the world we want to see, where people from all different walks of life are working together, moving to one beat, and creating a positive sound for all.”

I dug them, even though I knew nothing about them beforehand. Discovering something new and different is the best part of going to a concert, and I got that in spades.

Lucky Dub – Move On

Lucky Dub – I Rise

But the real reason I made the trip all the way across the city was to see my friend Satya’s band play. They’re an eclectic mix of bluesy, jazzy, jam-bandy goodness. I’m not up to describing them objectively, so listen to their own words:

A Washington DC band, The Method combines catchy, danceable tunes with progressive improvisation.

I’ll just add, if you ever get the chance to see them around town, you owe it to yourself to go. In the vids below, Satya is the one with the Sax.

The Method – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Me

The Method – Either/Or

See? I told you. Go see them. Become a fan. Dance around.

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