Free Think Media Is Awesome

Our friends at Free Think Media recently made that awesome video with Paul Ryan, and got a write-up over at Fast Company about the video. Titled “GOP’s Paul Ryan Goes Hollywood to Sell Federal Budget” the article features great nuggets from filmmakers, and all around great guys, Dan Hayes and Clay Broga:

The filmmakers, Dan Hayes and Clay Broga, of Washington, D.C.-based Free Think Media, say the video, which was shot in the Capitol on Sunday using DSLRs, took its inspiration from a BBC documentary by Swedish public health professor–and stats nerd–Hans Rosling. “The Joy of Stats” uses the same kind of drawing-charts-out-of-thin-air technique to make complicated bits of data accessible.

“When people are talking about budgets, the audience has a tendency to doze off,” Hayes tells Fast Company. “We wanted to make the visuals compelling.”

“Most people are not going to read his ‘Path to Prosperity’ [the 72-page Republican budget proposal], and they’re certainly not going to dive into Excel spreadsheets of data,” Hayes says. “They want a comprehensive summary of what he’s arguing, and why, and what the stakes are.”

And YouTube, he says, combined with some imaginative filmmaking, provides just that.

Last week I bitched about activist groups that were purposefully churning out dumb and ideologically driven pundits. The beauty of freedom, as embodied her by the internet, is that there are also folks like Clay and Dan who recognize the promise of new media, and its power to circumvent and circumscribe that kind of idiot circus.

For more from Dan and Clay check out their Youtube Channel. For lucid commentary and criticism on Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity”, check out these reactions from scholars at Mercatus, and Matt Welch at Reason.

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  1. Satya Thallam says:

    early on in their venture, the Free Think fellas also did some awesome live concert footage.

    Glad to see they’re up to bigger and better.

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