FMM: Mike Doughty In Arlington, Y’all

Every Friday morning, we kick off your weekend with a series of music videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, one of Aaron’s favorite artists comes to town!

Mike Doughty rose to minor fame in the nineties with two Soul Coughing hits. He had a little fun, got hooked on heroin, and won high praise from Dave Matthews. Eventually he branched out on his own, doing a little trance music, releasing a string of elegant, funny, soulful albums and crisscrossing the country alone in his car. A distinct raspy voice, quirky humor, and funky off-beat white-boy funk served him well, building a cult following. And tonight (TIMELY BLOGGING!), he brings all that to the stage at Clarendon’s own Iota. To celebrate, and whet our musical appetites, here’s a sampling of what he’s all about. Enjoy.

Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well This song was featured on Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and What About Brian?

Madeline and Nine This show should be solo, maybe with an accompanist, and the rest of these give a good idea of what should be in store.

Sunken-eyed Girl Maybe my favorite of all his songs.

Tremendous Brunettes A song uniquely suited to the Clarendon area. Aw, yeah ladies.

If you liked any of these, you can also check out more of his audio here. Come out and see the show, starts at 9pm. Doors are earlier, and I’ll certainly be there, with a glass of Troegs.

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