“The Anti-War Movement Since Obama Took Office Has Largely Disappeared”

So says Thaddeus Russell, a history professor ideologically somewhere between (or beyond?) far-left and anarchism. Reason.tv’s Ted Balaker asked where the movement went back in January. And this past Saturday, HuffPo writer Harmon Leon looked at the modern anti-war front and found it … underwhelming. At best.

The war protest has segued into a whole pool of fringe conspiracy theory groups. The fanfare makes your average liberal protester an easy targets for conservatives to ridicule in the same manner that we snicker at Tea Party protesters. Need I march side-by-side with the truther crew even though I find their theories to be pure ranting lunacy?

I’m not against protesting war, I’m just saying the rallies were so much more focused fun when Bush was at the helm.

It was more popular because the root of modern progressive politics is primarily driven by identity, not policy. It’s about signaling who’re your inferiors, and which team you’re on. That kind of empty relativism isn’t a sound basis for any policy. No wonder the President dithers, or spends two months golfing. Meanwhile, Code Pink still lists arresting Condoleezza Rice as their third-highest action item. Way to stay relevant and effective!

For all the ink wasted on the demise of ‘liberaltarianism’, the disappearance of the anti-war movement is a serious and unfortunate loss. For a depressing romp through the collapse of the peaceful dream, and the few leftists and libertarians carrying the dying torch, I recommend this Reason.tv feature. Seven minutes, and well worth it.

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2 Responses to “The Anti-War Movement Since Obama Took Office Has Largely Disappeared”

  1. section9 says:

    It’s not just that. The anti-war movement was, after about 2003, in large measure a partisan enterprise. Once Bush left office and lanced the boil of partisan Bush hatred, the entire reason for being of the casual, anti-Bush, antiwar people ceased to exist.

    They also ceased being useful to the Democrats in power, who now controlled the military and deemed it useful to stay in Afghanistan for awhile.

    Cindy Sheehan, once lionized as a person with “absolute moral authority” is now treated as a fringe crank by the same news media that saw her as a club to be used against Bush.

    The Crawford Peace House closed down, iirc, once Bush left town to move to Dallas.

  2. Alex says:

    man, I really wish I heard the term, “lanced the boil” on a more regular basis; figuratively or literally.

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