FMM: Shhhh, Keep It Down!

Every Friday morning, we kick off your weekend with a series of videos loosely gathered around a theme. This morning, songs to nurse a hangover.

Yesterday was rough. The confluence of sunshine, the first day (don’t you dare mention that first-four debacle) of the NCAA tourney, AND St. Patrick’s Day was spectacular. I haven’t been that excited since the Christmas morning I got Castle Greyskull. Flip flops and beer and sunshine and girls in pretty dresses. Life is good my friends. But everything comes with a price, and something so wonderful is especially steep. So pull the blinds, tell the intern to be quiet, and sip some coffee. We’ve got music to lull a hangover away.

Hem – When I Was Drinking You might know Hem from their song “Half Acre“, which was featured in a Liberty Mutual commercial. This drowsy little dirge about change and loss always makes me smile.

Colin Hay – Beautiful World

Avett Brothers – Bella Donna Hey hillbillies, you know what’s awesome? Your beards.

Interpol – NYC It’s spring. Finally. Time for just a little optimism; shake off that winter slumber. Raise your eyes, and see the bright lights.

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