Remains of the Day

So I’ve come out of hibernation… that’s the best excuse I could come up with for my extended absence. And with that, I’ve got some findings to share:

Negative externalities: DC students are noisy, must reduce nighttime volume to sound equivalent of a typewriter

Paradox of efficiency: Swedes increase average CO2 emissions with green car sales

How long does it take a roughly 33 ft. tsunami to wash away building structures? About 5 minutes.

Dogs training people: dog owners exercise more than before, and more on average than people without dogs. “A 2008 study in Western Australia… followed 773 adults who didn’t have dogs. After a year, 92 people, or 12 percent of the group, had acquired a dog. Getting a dog increased average walking by about 30 minutes a week, compared with those who didn’t own dogs.” Studies promoting the benefits of puppies and coffee? Could life get better? I submit that it cannot!

Amusing sentences: President Chávez “…made it clear that breast augmentation did not square well with his revolutionary priorities.”

K-State's Operating Reactor courtesy K-State.

Awesome animated INFOGRAPHIC: How a Reactor Shuts Down and What Happens in a Meltdown. FYI, Kansas State University houses a mini nuclear reactor that’s open annually for visitors during the K-State Open House. During the tour, the guide will demonstrate how pure the water (H2O with no contaminants or dissolved ions does not conduct electricity; don’t try this at home, kids) is by sticking a running hair dryer into the water that cools the reactor. It’s pretty cool.

On that note, supplies of potassium iodide, a preventive against radiation poisoning of the thyroid gland, are running low in the US: one firm was “getting about three orders a minute for $10 packages of its Iosat pills, up from as few as three a week normally.” Sure, you can get it without prescription, but can I use my HSA dollars for it? How ‘bout it, IRS?!

Also, here are some thoughts and suggestions on donating for disaster relief in Japan. Tyler Cowen offers a few counterpoints to Felix Salmon’s case against donation. Alex Tabarrok agrees with Givewell’s suggestion of donating to Doctors Without Borders.

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