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Best Drunk Dial Ever

To the girl who left this voicemail, congratulations. I loved it. That’s L, as in …. shoot!

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Chipotle Alert: Test Kitchen In NYC

For those that remember our epic trek to every Chipotle inside the beltway, here’s an interesting article on how the NYC Chipotle in Chelsea is home to an awesome secret menu. And the feather in Chipotle’s crown these days is Nate … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Benefits From Subsidy Enacted By Sarah Palin

Yesterday, our friends at the non-profit Tax Foundation noted that Sarah Palin’s show, the inventively titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, received $1.2 million in subsidies from the state. Mark Robyn opined: The show spent $3.6 million on production in the state, meaning that Alaskan … Continue reading

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We Can Get It For Your Wholesale: Smarmy TV Wonks

As if we didn’t already have enough noxious, unintended side-effects from the growth of government, now we can add the epidemic of cable news commentators to the list. It seems that Media Matters, that little shop of horrors liberal imagineers, has … Continue reading

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Failure Is A Feature

I have another guest post up at Rooted In Prosperity, still examining the idea of failure. In my first post, we examined the results and challenge of making success more than simply random. The last postexplored the idea that human ignorance is far … Continue reading

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Found Film Update: Now With Found Author!

A couple months back, I wrote about an interesting little video about a Brooklynite skiing in the park after a blizzard. He found a roll of film and had it developed, hoping for some clues about the photographer. I thought … Continue reading

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Scott Tenorman Goes To Kansas, Wears Silly Hat

For our very own Kansas State Wildcat, Christina. Enjoy.

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Chuck Klosterman’s 23 Questions – Part III

Chuck Klosterman is the author of numerous books and essays on pop culture. In his bestselling Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs; A Low Culture Manifesto, he had an interlude piece titled “23 Questions I Ask Everybody I Meet In Order To … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: Happy Birthday, Virginia!

Every Friday morning we kick off your weekend with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, we celebrate the birth of this lovely commonwealth. Way back in the mists of time, on March 25th, 1583, crusty … Continue reading

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Video: District

[vimeo] Vimeo user Drew Geraci put together this awesome video of our town. Love it. Drew says: DC is one of the most difficult places to shoot. No tripods, no fancy equipment, only a single camera. After planning my shots … Continue reading

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