FMM: Laura Marling

Every Friday morning we kick off your weekend with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, Laura Marling.

English folk has been weighing on my mind. Two weeks ago I highlighted the newest generation to pick up the tradition, and earlier this week I mocked Simon and Garfunkel during the brief time Paul spent in Britain.

I lived in England for one winter of rain and cold. We drank and danced, and lived a life circumscribed by the far northern dark. When we saw the sun it was bright and harsh but never ever warm. The only heat we felt came from the smoke and the sweat and the stale joy of each other. I miss it like a sleeping bear, down among the roots and the snow, misses the thrum of spring. I haven’t enjoyed those thoughts in years, but Laura Marling conjures up the ghosts of a feeling, a memory of a time and a place so real and abrupt that I haven’t been able to listen to anything else.

Devils Spoke




My Manic And I


Tap At My Window

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