Minnesota Ponders “Cheeseburger” Bill

You are what you eat, so why should you blame someone else? That’s the reasoning behind a proposed bill in Minnesota. The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act would prevent consumers from suing food companies for chronic health problems like weight gain and obesity. Give me the tasty stuff, Pioneer Press:

No such lawsuit has ever been filed in Minnesota, but Urdahl predicted, “It’s just a matter of time.” Urdahl’s reasoning behind wanting the immunity, which is supported by myriad food corporations and interest groups, from growers to snack food associations, is simple, he said: “People are responsible for their own actions, particularly where food is concerned.”

Critics of the proposal, however, such as Rep. John Lesch, a St. Paul Democrat, said the plan lets corporations off the hook from their own responsibility. “Responsibility cuts both ways,” Lesch said. Lesch drew multiple analogies — from lung-damaging asbestos to explosion-vulnerable Ford Pintos — to make the point that companies often distribute and sell harmful products whose hazards aren’t known to anyone outside the manufacturers, but could be revealed through lawsuits.

So his argument is people don’t know how bad fast food is for them? We’ve spent billions on nutrition education programs over the years. Now state legislators are arguing that hasn’t worked? Then why do we continue to grow those programs? Similarly, is he saying there’s no difference between injuring yourself through repeated stupidity, and direct injury caused by a faulty product? Micky D’s can be bad for you, but they publicize calorie counts and fat grams. That’s radically different from direct injuries like tainted food.

Also, I enjoyed the class warfare digs at big bad corporations! They want to serve people food at a low cost and good profits! INHUMAN MONSTERS DRINKING BLOOD MONEY!

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