FMM: Grammy Winners According to WaCK

Every Friday morning we kick of your weekend with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. Today, who do I think should have won a grammy? STAY TUNED.

It’s been a hectic week. The spark of unrest is kindled all across the middle-east. Brave protesters have taken to the streets in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and many other places. Normal people took it upon themselves to bring a tiny bit of justice back to the world, to say ‘this is wrong, and I will not be complicit in it any longer’. The world watched.

Inspired by these examples and sacrifice, teenage girls all across America took to the internet, to voice their own personal truths. JUSTIN BIEBER WAS ROBBED AND ESPERANZA SPALDING SHOULD “GO DIE IN A HOLE”. Similarly, folks were outraged by some CANADIANS winning best album. They expressed similarly reasonable sentiments. Now I’m not going to blow smoke up your bottom and pretend the Grammys are a serious award based on merit or talent. But what if they were? Who would win?

Best Madonna Impression – Lady Gaga Nothing proves the derivative, shallow nature of pop music more than recursive desire of every new pop starlet to be Madonna. Lady Gaga just does it more accurately than anyone else. I almost said ‘authentically’, which led me to wonder; can you be authentically derivative?

Best Reminder That Bob Dylan Is Still Alive, Looks Like Vampire – Bob Dylan I thought his medley with Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers was awesome. I didn’t understand bringing in three extra musicians though. Too much. Here’s his best song.

Best New Artist – Mumford and Sons I can’t get enough of these guys. And no, their lead singer is not Tim Tebow.

Best Thing To Come Out Of Detroit – I should introduce the nominees. First, Eminem, ft. Rhianna. Second, Eminem and his Crysler ad from the Superbowl. And the Winner is: Robocop Statue. Way to go, internet!

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