AFF Event: Dive In or Steer Clear?

I hate when people call the DC Policy World “the movement”. There’s too much infighting, no one ever always agrees with anyone else, and we spend time fighting each other that could be better spent challenging big-government republicans, or big-everything liberals.

But one thing we can all agree on is that libertarians are sexy, fun, and flat-out awesome. And what’s better than a sexy, fun, and awesome person? Perhaps two such souls finding true love, and raising a family steeped in a love of liberty? But that is fraught with trouble, and heartbreak. They say opposites attract, but how true is that? Works for Mary Matalin and James Carville, and he looks like water burns him. (P.S. MAN SIGNS WAS BAD.)

Tonight, America’s Future Foundation is hosting a discussion of dating within your ideological boundaries. Titled “Dive In or Steer Clear?“, it’s a look at the ups and downs of dating someone who owns all the same books that you do.

My friend Jerry is on Team Dive, and so is Cato’s Joey Coon. For those not hip to AFF on Facebook, you missed Jerry and Joey’s lady-friends congratulating themselves on what good taste their men have. If you were a cynical soul, it’d be so cute you’d puke. Team Clear is represented by two women. I doubt there’s any sinister subtext to that battle-of-the-sexes, but it still amused me. Event Details for you locals.

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