Luxury Skies – Vintage Flying Boat

Time was, “come fly the friendly skies” didn’t mean wear your best sweatpants and mouthbreath from Cleveland to Sheboygan. It didn’t mean wolfing down a cheeseburger in Phoenix, or paying for a bag of stale party mix. Once, stewardesses were attractive, and you could cross your legs. Via Boing Boing, Airshow Buzz has a great spread of the bygone luxury of the Boeing 314 Flying Boat.

Often regarded as the pinnacle of flying luxury, the Boeing 314 Clipper could whisk passengers off to such far off places as Hawaii and China in only a matter of a few days. The huge aircraft carried people around the globe during the 1930′s and early 1940′s and with an astonishing range of 3,500 miles it made reliable intercontinental air travel a reality.

Makes me dream of beaches and sunshine and wearing a suit on a plane without feeling pompous or out of place. You darn kids with your rock music and Uggs and Justin Biebers.

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