Professional 3-D Animation Suite for $10-$40

I don’t know how many aspiring computer animators follow this site, but I love a good deal, and it can’t hurt to spread the good word. From Boing Boing:

Mark sez, “The guys at Project:Messiah are doing something interesting. Messiah’s a piece of 3D animation and rendering software, so named as it was first assembled for use on the movie Dogma. It’s seriously heavy-duty kit – a rigger’s dream with lightning-fast bones, fabric sim that’s top-notch, beautiful rendering and all that jazz. It’s normally $500-$1,200 for the full version, which puts it in the ‘Sizeable studio or Rich Guy’ bracket. They’re trying an experiment, though – they’re offering the entry version for $10, and the whole tamale for $40. If enough people buy it at this price, everyone gets what they paid for. If they don’t hit their quota, then everyone gets a refund.”

(Thanks, Mark!)

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