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Charlie Sheen Is Baby Town Frolics

When the Charlie Sheen rant broke on Friday, I laughed. Listening to it a second time, it just made me really sad. Not because Two-and-a-Half Farts is off the air (for good? pleasepleasepleaseplease). I love schadenfruede as much as the … Continue reading

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Steven Hyden Takes A Good Long Look At The ’90’s

I love my kindle. I read every night before bed. Using Instapaper, I just added a ten-part long series of Onion AV Club articles by Steven Hyden titled “Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation”. A a child of the ’90’s, it’s … Continue reading

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FMM: Laura Marling

Every Friday morning we kick off your weekend with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, Laura Marling. English folk has been weighing on my mind. Two weeks ago I highlighted the newest generation to pick … Continue reading

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Creativity Is More Than Just Invention or; Everything Is A Remix

When I try to explain liberty to people, I often talk about opportunity, creativity, and innovation. But I don’t really intend to invokeĀ Einstein, or the solitary genius toiling in the basement. Instead, I’m trying to encompass the idea of a … Continue reading

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Results Matter, Linguistic Edition: Sarcasm and Swearing

We were rambunctious children. We basically lived outdoors, with a hundred acres of woods behind us, like modern Christopher Robins without the schizophrenia. We hurt ourselves, and each other, a lot. I slammed my sister’s fingers in the door. One … Continue reading

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Hot Filmmaker: Libertarians Are Smart, Nice, Principled

Christina Heller directed Libertopia, a documentary about the Free State Project, the decade old plan to convince libertarians to move to New Hampshire and exert our liberty-loving muscles. She sat down for this interview with, and talked about the … Continue reading

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3 Minutes Of Nightmare Fuel: Cat Massage Video

This video will haunt you. So many questions, so few answers. Scene – SoHo, 1965. Art Garfunkle stumbles around a bleak apartment, with laundry and cigarettes strewn carelessly about. He is wearing a faded and ripped red kimono that is … Continue reading

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Minnesota Ponders “Cheeseburger” Bill

You are what you eat, so why should you blame someone else? That’s the reasoning behind a proposed bill in Minnesota. The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act would prevent consumers from suing food companies for chronic health problems like … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Is Just Baby Town Frolics Right Now

Wisconsin is showing the nasty, brutish, Hobbesian side of democracy. Remember the reactionary, new-civility crap that bandied about after the Arizona shooting? Teachers (and/or their supporters) directly compared Governor Walker to Hitler and Mubarak, or openly advocating his death. All … Continue reading

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Angry Bird Cake Is Edible Fun

The iPad/iPhone game Angry Birds is an international sensation. And here’s a sensational international dad making an elaborate cake for his son. Get those pigs! Well done, fella.

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