It’s A Good Day For Reading

Snow has basically paralyzed DC again, and closed our office building. That means coffee and blankets and laptops and books, so today sounds like a perfect day for a linkfest! Here’s what I’m reading while the ground is blanketed with the white stuff. Update: links fixed. Sorry I’m an idiot.

I’m two-thirds through Neil Stephenson’s epic Quicksilver, the first of a trilogy. [Amazon]

Good Profile of Deadspin’s A.J. Daulerio, “The Worldwide Leader in Dong Shots”. [GQ]

Ala The Social Network (which was decent, but hardly the best film of the year), The Huffington Post is at the center of a legal controversy. [Vanity Fair]

A detailed look at the drug war in Rio, the “new reality show” [NY Books]

A creative couple become paranoid and reclusive, and eventually commit suicide. Tragic and bizarre and moving. [Vanity Fair]

A three-part investigation into why cocaine is bring cut with a dangerous de-worming agent. Includes an interesting look at the incentives for the producers [The Stranger]

After the jump, the video for the “Forever Lazy”. Murdering anyone found wearing one of these should result in an immediate Medal of Honor; skimming these twits out of the gene pool are the only way we can ‘win the future’.

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