Meanwhile, In Mississippi …

This is literally all I know about Mississippi; hot girls and latent racism.

Punte delivers again. Come for college football news and funny photoshops of bear-mascots, stay for penetrating social insight.

House Bill 1106, authored by Duvall, would amend the state code, adding a provision that the University of Mississippi “shall bear the nickname ‘Ole Miss Rebels’ and its mascot shall be ‘Colonel Rebel.’ “[…]

In a post titled “Mark DuVall: Epic MetaTroll or Disgruntled, Slightly Empowered Redneck?” the Red Cup Rebellion blog writes: “Unless they’re trying to strip Ole Miss of the educational shackles enforced by the (state College Board) or beef up the school’s annual budget, the Legislature of Mississippi really needn’t meddle further with Ole Miss’ affairs.” –Clarion-Ledger [MS], via College Football Blog.

DuVall, it should be noted, is an Ole Miss alum and a freshman rep in the state House, so he may not be aware that the purpose of the state legislature isn’t to serve as a magic wish machine. Or, maybe it does. That would explain why their state is $13 billion in debt.

BOOM. Headshot. Worth thinking about during tonight’s political promise love-fest. Every politician wants reform, but never reform that reduces the number of politicians.  Also, with $13 billion, couldn’t you buy everything in Mississippi … twice?

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