You’d Better Take A Seat For These Links

If anyone wants to pay off my student loans (thanks law school!), I’ll be much more humble than this guy. [The Daily What]

Spiceaholics will love this Siracha Cookbook. You almost drank that candle, Mr.! [Uncrate]

In California, police can search your phone’s content without a warrent. Learn how to encrypt, encode, and carry your phone so your private life stays private. [Lifehacker]

If everyone chips in $100 bucks, we can each have the Batmobile for one day every 13 years or so. Flying Hellfish tontine-pact? By reading this, you’ve agreed. [Filmdrunk]

Punte aka Josh Zerkle is actively rooting for an NFL lockout next year. His reasons are logical. [With Leather]

Facebook advertising: how Microsoft scams users for Bing. What? [ReadWriteWeb]

How conformity works. I’m not sold. Oh, it does? Ok. WAIT A SECOND! [Skeptical Eye]

Greatest Star Wars screencap ever? Greatest Star Wars screencap ever. [Julia Segal]

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